For centuries, African Americans have triumphed over barriers that often separated people of color from others. Our parents and fore parents grouped together, and formed a legacy and heritage for us as a people. They built our community from churches, businesses, schools, and even HBCUs.

Our women found pride in PEARLS. Our men found pride in their stride in African STEPS;  they marched and stepped towards the affirmation that they were a valuable asset to American society and that Africanism was not only a culture, but also our heritage. 

PATASKITY GREEK STORE is founded by the descendant and dream of a South Carolinian African American slave. While she herself did not obtain any formal education, spent her younger years working as a slave. She shared many days with her great- granddaughter and talked about her prayers that she often prayed while working in a cotton field.

What is the meaning of PATASKITY? It is a task we must achieve and our products exemplify freedom and hope as we educate African Americans to read books, grow financially, gain knowledge and give back to your community.

We are the dream and the hope of the slaves! At PATASKITY GREEK STORE, we hope our products demonstrate the pride we feel while creating each of these with you in mind!