Why Are Postcards Important? And Why Do You Need Them?

Post Cards

In the current times, digital communication has come into play, and it can be quite easy to forget about hand-written postcards. But don’t get me wrong, postcards are still far from being overpowered by email or social media messaging. Postcards are still relevant and are great for invitations, and business marketing, etc.

What Is A Postcard?

The postcard is a small piece of thick paper, mostly rectangular, used for sending messages by post. It doesn’t have an envelope and has a photograph or any other form of illustration on one side. It is suitable for elegant invites or personal presentations of your business. Postcard printing is flexible and practical to suit your personal and professional needs. These digitally printed postcards are certainly eye-catching for collection, packaging, and gifts. From Alpha Kappa Alpha‘s huge postcard collection, you can easily pick a postcard according to your style and needs. Following are the features of postcards:

Thank You Greeting Card - front
Alpha Kappa Alpha(R) Congrats On Your Wedding Day! - Front

Colorful prints

Most postcards have a multi-colored print which makes them look amazing and aesthetically pleasing.

Double-sided print

Usually postcards have print only on one side but Alpha Kappa Alpha makes full use of their resources and sells postcards that have prints on both sides.

Different sizes

Postcards come in various shapes and sizes. At Alpha Kappa Alpha, we provide postcards in a variety of sizes according to your demands.

High-quality designs

 Postcards have a variety of high-quality designs. You can also get a customized postcard with your favorite design.

Excellent Quality Paper

Postcards are thick paper with amazing designs on top. This thick paper is high-quality to maintain the value of the postcard.

Protective Coating

These Postcards can also have a coating on demand.

6 Reasons Why You Should Always Be Writing Postcards

Now you may be questioning why postcards are so important. Although social media has made communication easy, postcards are still an elegant way of inviting someone or even marketing your brand. Here are a few reasons why you should never give up on postcards writing:

Postcards Show That You Value The Recipient

Post Cards

Nowadays, most people use email to convey a message. The average words used in emails are 5 at most. It is not so difficult to write down a bunch of words and press the button “send”. Sending an email takes little to no effort which is great if you want to save time but it does not share any sincerity or value. On the other hand, sending a postcard requires a big portion of your time and effort as you select a good design, then print it, address them, and convey your messages. The recipient knows this too. As a result, it shows that you appreciate and value the person you are sending this to.

This can be a great way to impress an important client in case you own a business.

Postcards Are Cost-Effective

Postcards are a great inexpensive marketing strategy. It is a cost-effective, efficient, and versatile way to increase sales and promotions. With very little cost, you can reach thousands of clients and increase your brand awareness. Postcard marketing not only attract new client, but it also enhances your already existing marketing strategies. Other than this, you can send special invitation postcards to get more people to attend an event.

Postcards increase engagement

Many brands use email marketing to promote their brand. But emails don’t have a good readability percentage. They are often ignored or spam-filtered. However, postcards have a good readability percentage due to vibrant colors and attractive designs. Also, they don’t need to be opened and are six times more likely to be read by a client as compared to a simple email.

Postcards Help You Stand Out

Back in the late 1800s, postcards were used everywhere. People used to convey personal messages through postcards and collected them for fun. But now, people don’t get any mail in months. So, if something does arrive through snail mail, it is a pleasant surprise.

Most people enjoy texting nowadays. You can easily convey personal messages by exchanging texts. But if you wish to stand out from the crowd and look unique, send postcards. Beautifully printed postcards can catch the attention of your recipient and help them take a breath of fresh air from unlimited text notifications.

Postcards Last A Lifetime

Most people store their data files on electronic devices and these files are migrated to new devices again and again after a while. Also, electronic devices are not dependable. Your mobile or computer can crash or suffer from a glitch anytime and you may lose all your precious memories. Postcards, on the other hand, are made of paper and paper can last a couple of hundred years if properly taken care of. So, if you send someone a postcard, it will remain with them throughout their entire life. Postcards also serve as a cherished memory and give you a sense of sentiment that attachment email can never do.

Postcards Are A Great Way To Thank Someone

We all have someone who has helped us a lot in our life. That person may be your parent, your sister, any other relative, or maybe your best friend. We all need to show gratitude to such a person but many of us don’t know how. A typical email or a simple message just won’t cut it. Well, you could always send a postcard. As postcards are personalized, they can serve as the best means to thank someone especially if they far away. You can easily make them understand how important they are and how much grateful you are for their support through a simple personalized postcard.

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