What Is A Throw Blanket- Why You Need To Buy One

Alpha Kappa Alpha® Throw Blanket

Blankets have been used by humans for as long as we can imagine. They provide warmth to people and are now a mandatory accessory in every household. But the concept of blankets can get a little tricky especially throw blankets. Most people don’t have any idea what a throw blanket is. Even if they know what it is, they don’t know how to use it. Keep reading this blog to find out the answer to your questions.

What Is A Throw blanket?

Throw blankets are structurally and functionally different from beddings and other blankets so you can easily distinguish them. They are generally smaller in size than a regular blanket. Most bedroom blankets are as big as to cover the whole bed. They are ideal to give you a good night’s sleep. Whereas, throw blankets are functionally not made to give you a good night’s sleep. They are mostly for snuggling upon while watching t.v or reading a book.

Alpha Kappa Alpha® Throw Blanket

Alpha Kappa Alpha‘s classic throw blanket feels cozy and familiar, just like being wrapped in your favorite sweater. This blanket is made to suit all your needs as it has the following features:

High-quality Material

The trend of throw blankets is rising day by day and you can find them at any local shop or an online store. Most of these throw blankets are made of low-quality material and don’t even last a month. But Alpha Kappa Alpha’s classic throw blankets are made of high-quality and anti-pilling material and can last up to years if proper care is given.

Easy to wash

You may need to wash your throw blanket once in a while to remove any dirt, dust, or stain from it. Keeping your throw blanket clean and tidy is the key to making your whole room look clean. These classic throw blankets are extremely easy to wash. All you need to do is wash them in a washing machine at normal temperature and they are as good as new.


Unlike most throw blankets, these are made of soft and easy-to-care natural material. They have a lovely and warming touch of color that feels soft against your body. They are soft, soothing, breathable, and comfortable for those long, cold winter nights.

Indoor Decoration

These blankets were primarily made to keep people warm and cozy but now, they are also used as a source of decoration. They make the perfect indoor decoration for your home, bedroom, living room, or any other room. They also go well with chairs, couches, and sofa.

Benefits of Throw Blankets:

There are many new ways to use a throw blanket and using a throw blanket comes with a lot of benefits too. Here are a few of them:


Throw blankets are the most versatile form of decoration you can find. They are known to give a cozy look to the room but if used correctly, they can look formal and professional too. Many interior designers themselves use and advise people to use good-quality throw blankets in their homes if their home space looks too blend.

Throw blanket add a little bit of spice to the interior making you look more stylish and fashionable. Pairing a good throw blanket with neutral home décor can make any room look perfect.

Another reason why people love to use throw blankets for home décor is that they give your room a cute and cozy look within your price range. They are also available in different colors and designs from which you can easily pick your favorite.

You can use your throw blanket as a bed runner in your bedroom. In your living room, you can put it on a sofa, couch, or chair. You can also buy a tapestry throw blanket and hang it on your wall.

Great For Every Season

Throw blankets are used throughout the year. You can decorate your house with them or you can use them as a covering on those chilly winter nights when you don’t want to turn on the heater. You can cuddle your favorite throw blanket and it will keep you warm and comfortable through the winter.

However, many people have the misconception that throw blankets can only be used as a cover in winter. It is true that in earlier times, throw blankets were only used in winter but now, times have changed.

Many companies offer light-weighted throw blankets for warmer seasons. These blankets will give you the light covering you need during summer, spring, and fall.

Protection From Kids And Dogs

Having kids or a pet in your home can be frustrating. Kids are not easy to control and can make a mess everywhere. Dogs also love jumping over furniture and leaving their fur everywhere. This can be a nightmare for the homeowner as now they need to clean their whole house and furniture.

Don’t worry, we have a solution for you. You can use a throw blanket to keep your furniture neat and clean all the time. Throw blankets acts as a physical barrier between dirt, fur, and your furniture all while looking trendy and stylish. This way, you don’t need to worry about kids and pets wandering around your furniture.

Your furniture will remain as clean as ever. For cleaning, all you need to do is lift the throw blanket and shake it outside to remove any dirt and fur off it.

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