Biodegradable Phone Cases To Protect Your Phone And Environment

Biodegradable Phone Case

As the environment is getting worse and worse, buying biodegradable products is the new trend. More and more people are switching to eco-friendly lifestyles to save the earth. It is advised to use fewer plastic products to avoid pollution. Many people have stopped using plastic altogether. According to research, 69 countries have posed a partial or full ban on plastic bags. These countries include France, Austria, Pakistan, and Italy.

On the other hand, millions of plastic phone cases are manufactured every day. These phone cases are cheap so many people buy them. But now, people are rethinking buying these plastic phone cases. They prefer to buy biodegradable phone cases. These phone cases are not only environmental-friendly, they also encourage people to use less plastic. Here at alpha kappa alpha, we provide a variety of biodegradable phone cases to suit your needs.

What Does The Term “Biodegradable” Actually Mean?

Biodegradable is any material or product that can easily decay and return back to nature. Any product that decomposes within 1 year of being discarded can be categorized as biodegradable. Using biodegradable product limits waste on land and water promoting a cleaner environment.

Plastic, being non-biodegradable, takes up to 1000 year to decay completely. It is also the major cause of pollution.

Why You Should Consider Buying Biodegradable Phone Cases?

Many people are contemning whether biodegradable phone cases are actually worth it or not. So, we are here to tell you the benefits of owning a biodegradable phone case.

It is good for the environment

Biodegradable phone cases (also known as eco-friendly phone cases) are made of plant fibers like wheat, bamboo, and corn starch. These plant-based fibers are selected and purified to make eco-friendly phone cases.

It is unique and stylish

Who doesn’t want to own a trendy phone case? Well, you can find a variety of unique and stylish designs of biodegradable phone cases from which you can choose the one you love.

It is customizable

Some people want everything to be according to their taste. They even want to customize their phone cases to their liking. Now, you can customize your biodegradable phone case to be fashionable and eco-friendly at the same time.

It protects your phone

The sole purpose of a phone case is to protect the phone from damage. These phone cases carry out this role while controlling environmental pollution by limiting plastic usage.

You can easily access your charging slot

These phone cases have holes for direct connection to your charging slot. This makes the process of phone charging easy and fast.

It costs almost the same as a regular phone case

Many people have the misconception that biodegradable phone cases are pricy. But it is not true. Biodegradable phone cases are quite affordable. There is little to no price difference between a biodegradable and regular plastic phone case.

It may have some extra space for storage

Some biodegradable have enough space in them to store some extra cash and credit card. This is great for people who don’t like keeping a wallet or a purse.

How Long Does A Biodegradable Phone Case Last?

The exact life span of a biodegradable phone case is unknown but it does not last as long as a plastic phone case. Most people change their smartphones within two years. These phone cases can last up to two years which is the average lifetime of a smartphone.

It is difficult to find out the exact lifetime of a phone case as many factors play a role in it such as

After you are done using this phone case, you need to dispose of it properly. You can not just throw it in the garbage can. You need to discard it in a compost setting. The average time it can take to degrade is up to 6 months to 2 years. But what matters is that it will decay more efficiently than a plastic phone case.

Are Biodegradable Phone Cases Reliable?

Before buying a phone case, you need to make sure it is reliable. Alpha kappa alpha biodegradable phone cases are extremely reliable and trustworthy. They are made up of compost and are easy to discard. They are great for the environment. These phone cases provide a good level of protection so you don’t need to worry about damaging your phone. They are not at all loose and completely fit your phone.

A Few Cons To Keep In Mind

Nothing is perfect. Everything has some drawbacks and disadvantages. Although owning a biodegradable phone case is a great decision, it has a few drawbacks to it.

These phone cases have a smooth texture to them. You may not have a good grip over your phone case and your hand may slip causing damage to your phone. The color of the phone case may fade after a while. Also, these phone cases have a short life expectancy and you may need to buy one frequently. Biodegradable phone cases have a few cons but this should not stop you from buying them as their advantages easily overweight their disadvantages.

Summing It Up

Now that you have an eco-friendly alternative of plastic phone cases, still using a plastic phone case is not an option anymore. These biodegradable phone cases are cooler, stylish ,work well and save the planet. You get high quality product and a good feel that you crave. So, switch to eco-friendly phone cases and make environment healthy and clean.

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