A Complete Guide On Pillows

A Complete Guide On Pillows

Whenever the topic of good sleep comes up, everyone is focused on mattresses and sleeping positions neglecting the importance of a good pillow. Just like mattresses, pillows should also be considered when it comes to a good night’s sleep. A healthy sleeping routine goes hand to hand with the size, shape, and softness of your pillow.

Purpose Of A Pillow

Pillows are used to give comfort, balance, and relaxation to your body while you are sleeping. It also eases your neck and aligns your upper body part. The human spine is naturally curved. To keep your spine aligned, your neck and body need extra support. This extra support is mostly provided by a pillow. It also lifts your neck and relieves stress and fatigue.

Where To Get A High-Quality Pillow Set

Alpha Kappa Alpha provides a collection of soft, comfortable, and flexible pillows to meet the needs of their customers. These pillows are the best in the market and are known to relieve any pain and relax your muscles. Depending on the customer’s demand, pillows are available in every color to match your bed sheet. They also have a variety of designs to suit your liking. Do you like attractive print? They have it. Do you like embroidered designs? They have that too and they come in multiple sizes. These pillows are easy to clean and come in a variety of materials for every season.

Different Ways Pillows Are Used

There are many different ways in which pillows are used all around the world.


Pillows are widely used for decoration. They are available in many design from which you can choose the one that aligns with your home décor.

Prayer rests

In ancient times, pillows were used as knee rest in churches as they are softer than the hard floor. This practice is still present till this date in churches.

Orthopedic pillow

This type of pillows are used by orthopedics to improve posture and relieve back and neck pain. These pillows are specially designed to provide support to different parts of the body to ensure healthy posture.

Hugging pillow

There is a trend in certain countries like japan to manufacture long and narrow form of pillows to use them for hugging.

Pillow Fort

If you haven’t made a pillow fort in your childhood, you are seriously missing out. Pillow are used by kids to build forts for years. It is hard to admit, but adult love making fort out of pillows too.

Disadvantages Of Not Using A Pillow While Sleeping

Although there are people who believe sleeping without a pillow is better, researchers beg to differ. Sleeping without a pillow can cause a lot of issues.

Neck Pain

Out of all the problems caused by not using a pillow, neck pain is the most common one. People who tend to sleep on their side or their back is most likely affected by this as they seem to overextend their neck the most and your neck will stay like that through the night. This will leads to neck pain or worsen neck pain.

If you are a stomach sleeper, not using a pillow under your head might not be a bad idea. But do keep in mind, this does not stop you from moving your neck overnight which can lead to neck straining, muscle straining, and other issues resulting in severe pain.

Also, not using a pillow causes unequal distribution of pressure on your neck leading to stiffness, neck pain, and migraines.

Bad Posture

As the use of pillows is directly linked with spine alignment, not using one can lead to poor posture and spine issues. If you are someone who sleeps on their back or the side, you should definitely use a pillow. Not using one can lead to unnatural posture and incorrect spine alignment leading to strain on your muscles and joints.

But if you sleep on your stomach, removing the pillow from your neck or head will not affect you in any way. In contrary to this, removing your pillow will help better align your spine. Don’t get me wrong. You will still not go into a completely natural posture position as now all your weight is focused in the middle of your body.

To solve this issue, you need to put a pillow underneath your stomach or your pelvis to keep pressure off your spine.

Not Good For People With Medical Complications

People who snore need a pillow below their head to avoid frequent snoring. Snoring is because of inadequate airflow and pillows can elevate your hand and help in proper airflow and respiration. People who suffer from cardiovascular disorder, or lung disease need firm support under their backs and heads. This can be provided by a good and firm pillow.

If you have a spine disorder, you will most likely need firm and hard support for your spine. Pillows are great to provide support to such patients.

Insomnia And Sleeping Disorders

A good night’s sleep is essential to keep going in life. You need sleep to function properly. People with sleep disorders need all the help they can get to put themselves to sleep. Pillows are known for comfort and relaxation. You need a pillow to sleep peacefully. People who have sleep disorders are recommended to keep pillow under their neck, back, and between their legs and arm for comfort while sleeping. This technique ensures a good night’s sleep and prevent any further medical complications.

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